Great Dixter

Private Tours to Great Dixter

“The great thing is not to be timid in your gardening, whether it’s colours, shapes, juxtapositions or the contents themselves. Splash around and enjoy yourself.” Christopher Lloyd

Although Great Dixter garden was originally laid out by his parents with their friend Edwin Lutyens, when Christopher Lloyd took over he created something that was uniquely his own. The quote above sums it all up – as the garden comes alive in the spring, the colours, textures, and shapes can all be seen, but as the season progresses the plants seem to take over. They lean across the paths to block your route, they tower above your head so that you can’t see beyond. I think I would describe Great Dixter garden as the horticultural equivalent of a riot, full of surprise and joy.


All tours are by car, for up to 6 people, with your own private driver-guide. Tour prices from £735.


Great Dixter & Sissinghurst gardens

For gardening enthusiasts, it is possible to treat yourself to these two great gardens in one day. Sissinghurst is the garden created by gardening writer Vita Sackville West and her husband Harold Nicolson.

Great Dixter & Rye

A charming town of cobbled streets and ancient houses. The writer Henry James lived at Lamb House, which can be visited on its open days.

Great Dixter & another local garden

This corner of England is famous for its gardens. Hole Park and Pashley Manor are both privately-created gardens close to Great Dixter. They provide contrasting visits, and are open on different days.