Private Tour to the Roman Baths

Private Tours to Bath

‘As for Bath, all history went and bathed and drank the waters there’

William Thackeray

The beautiful city of Bath welcomed its first visitors almost 2000 years ago when the Romans built the first spa here. Since then, visitors have flocked to take the waters, and to enjoy everything else the city has to offer. The Roman Baths are now a fascinating museum. Fine Georgian architecture can be seen everywhere. Jane Austen fans can follow in her footsteps and see the places she wrote about in her novels. Gardeners can enjoy the city’s floral displays, the Botanic Garden and the Georgian Garden. There are many small museums and galleries. Bath is one of the loveliest cities in England.


These private tours are by car, for up to 6 people, with your own driver-guide. Tour prices range between £820-£1025

Bath Georgian Architecture Tour

Just the city of Bath

There’s lots to see in Bath –  Romans, gardens, galleries, museums, architecture, Jane Austen. Bath is 2.5 hours drive from London, so if you don’t want too long a day, just focus on Bath.

It’s also easy to get to Bath by train with your guide – this could be a more economical option for just one or two people.

Private tour to Stonehenge & Bath

Bath & Stonehenge

Stonehenge is England’s best-known prehistoric monument, and for many visitors, it’s a monument not to be missed.

The visit to Bath will focus on the Roman Baths Museum unless you request otherwise.

Private tour to Bath & Malmesbury Abbey House Garden

Bath & the Abbey House garden, Malmesbury

Abbey House Garden is set on a hillside against the backdrop of Malmesbury Abbey. It has a huge collection of plants for all seasons, including over 2000 different roses. This is one of my favourites!

There should also be time to look into Malmesbury Abbey, a beautiful 12th century church, once home to Eilmer the Flying Monk.

Private Tour to Bath & Avebury Stone Circle

Bath and the Avebury & Silbury Hill complex

As an alternative to Stonehenge, why not visit the Avebury Stone Circle and Silbury Hill. The stone circle is much larger than Stonehenge, but maybe not so picturesque, and Silbury Hill is a manmade hill from the same prehistoric period.

Private Tour to Bath & Bowood Woodland Garden

Bath & Bowood House

Bowood House is the home of the Marquis of Lansdowne. It is also where Joseph Priestley, tutor to the sons of the 1st Marquis, discovered oxygen in 1774. For garden enthusiasts, the rhododendrons and azaleas in the woodland garden are magnificent between April and June.

Private tour to Bath & Salisbury Cathedral

Bath & Salisbury Cathedral

Visit the beautiful 13th century Salisbury cathedral, with its soaring spire. In the Chapter House you can see one of the original copies of Magna Carta.

Then on to Bath to focus particularly on the Roman Baths unless you request otherwise.